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Tell Congress: Protect consumers from E15!

gas station

NMMA is continuing the fight against fuel policies that negatively impact the boating community.
Most consumers are unaware of the dangers posed by fuels with high levels of ethanol, like E15. Small engines – like those in boats, lawn mowers, and motorcycles – can only use fuel with 10% ethanol or lower. Using E15 in these engines destroys them and voids their warranty. Plus, E15 is federally prohibited from use in small engines.
Fortunately, Representatives Lois Frankel (D-FL-21), Austin Scott (R-GA-08), Charlie Crist (D-FL-13), and Rob Wittman (R-VA-01) have reintroduced their bipartisan legislation called the “Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act.” This bill would more clearly label gas pumps that contain E15 and better educate consumers about higher ethanol blend fuels. And with year-round sales of E15 on the horizon, we need this bill more than ever.
Contact your members of Congress today and tell them to support the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act.