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Tell Congress: Protect consumers from E15!

gas station

The EPA has approved year-round sales of E15 fuel, putting millions of consumers in danger.
Most people are unaware of the problems that fuels with high levels of ethanol like E15 pose. These fuels corrode small engines, like those in boats, lawn mowers, and motorcycles, voiding their warranty and putting people at risk. And even fewer people know it’s against federal laws to use E15 in these engines.
While NMMA continues to fight against this dangerous policy, we need to make sure people are educated and safe. Bipartisan legislation called the “Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act” would require clear labeling on gas pumps that contain E15 and better educate consumers about higher ethanol blend fuels.
Contact your members of Congress today and tell them to support the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act!