Tell Congress: Invest in infrastructure, support the outdoor recreation economy!

Tell Congress to invest in infrastructure!

As Congress begins to negotiate its surface transportation bill, it is critical that sufficient investments in outdoor recreation infrastructure are made to protect and grow the outdoor economy’s significant economic contributions. Urge Congress to include adequate investment and funding for outdoor recreation in its infrastructure bill to enhance the industry’s economic impact for all Americans!


Driven by recreational boating, outdoor recreation is a major contributor to local and national economies, supporting over five million American jobs and countless small businesses in communities across the country. Unfortunately, aging infrastructure and the lack of sufficient access points continue to threaten the industry’s economic potential. Even worse, our already worn infrastructure is especially vulnerable to the impacts of a rapidly changing environment.


Thankfully, targeted investment by Congress – including a $4 trillion infrastructure package – can expand and modernize America’s outdoor recreation areas and infrastructure to overcome the challenges and protect our industry for generations to come. 


Tell Congress to invest in outdoor recreation infrastructure to expand access for all Americans and support this vital contributor to our economy!

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