Modernize Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure

As Congress works on legislation to update our nation’s infrastructure, it’s critical they address outdoor recreation infrastructure needs by including a “Recreation Title” in their bill.


Outdoor recreation contributes 2.2 percent to U.S. GDP, with boating and fishing accounting for the largest part of the sector. The recreational boating industry alone generates $170.3 billion in total U.S. economic activity each year, supporting more than 35,000 businesses and 691,000 American jobs.


Considering outdoor recreation’s importance to the U.S. economy, modernizing outdoor recreation infrastructure as part of a larger package is commonsense and uncontroversial.


A Recreation Title should include the following provisions:

  • Access Projects – Sufficient parking for vehicles with trailers, updating paved roads and boat ramps, expedited permitting, and facility improvements such as trash and aquatic invasive species (AIS) decontamination stations and bathrooms.
  • Dredging Prioritization – Consider outdoor recreation’s significant economic impact when allocating federal funds for navigation management, dredging, and dredged material management projects, ensuring the needs of smaller ports used by recreational boaters are adequately addressed and potential safety concerns and user conflicts when boaters are sometimes forced to use high traffic commercial channels are alleviated.
  • Broadband Expansion – For recreational boaters and anglers, reliable access to broadband is a critical safety and enjoyment issue for exploring our nation’s waterways – lack of broadband can put boaters at perilous risk without information about navigating channels, changes in weather, and access points.

Tell your members of Congress to support modernizing outdoor recreation infrastructure and include a Recreation Title in a comprehensive infrastructure package.

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