Oppose Needless Regulations and Support Indiana’s Boaters and Economy

Tell Indiana State Senators to Oppose SB 266!

Boating is a treasured American pastime that provides families the opportunity to socially distance and safely recreate out on the water, while providing significant economic benefits to our communities. Unfortunately, some state legislators are attempting to threaten both access to our waters and these economic benefits with unnecessary regulations. Tell legislators to stop these needless regulations on boaters!


Lawmakers are considering a bill – SB 266 – that would create a new $30 tax on out-of-state boaters and would over-regulate recreational activities close to shore. Our industry boosts local economies across the country, at a time when it is needed the most. In Indiana alone, the recreational boating industry generates more than $4.1 billion in economic activity and supports nearly 400 businesses and more than 14,000 Hoosier jobs.

These restrictions will harm businesses that depend on tourism, fishing, boating, and hunting. Tell legislators to learn the facts and oppose these needless regulations on boaters!  

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