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ABC 2020: Support Boating Virtually

While we can’t be together for the 2020 American Boating Congress, we can still advocate for boating – and social media is one of the best tools we have. Tweet your member of Congress to tell them recreational boating is big business.

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Pass the Great American Outdoors Act

Tell Congress to support the Great American Outdoors Act to fund our public lands!


Stand up for Wake Sports Access

Wake sports are both enjoyable and provide significant economic benefits to communities across the country. Sign the petition today to tell policymakers to stop these needless restrictions and learn the facts!


Support the SHORE Act

We must ensure outdoor recreation is included in legislation to update our nation’s ports, harbors, and waterways.


Protect Consumers from E15

Tell Congress to support the Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act.


Build Support in Congress

Ask your Members of Congress to show their support and join the Congressional Boating Caucus.