Tell California's Assembly to Oppose SB 1066

Marine flares protect boater safety

The California Assembly  is currently considering SB 1066, which will increase the cost of effective, federally mandated marine flares for boaters. SB 1066 has passed the California Senate and is now under consideration in the Assembly. 


With over 626,000 registered boats and 840 miles of coastline, California is one of the largest boating states in the nation. Ensuring California boaters have affordable access to safety equipment and distress signals, including marine flares, is a top priority. Marine flares play a critical role in maritime safety by providing a visible means of signaling distress and aiding in location and positioning. They are an essential component of any vessel’s safety equipment and can significantly enhance the chances of a successful rescue operation.


The extended producer responsibility plan required by the legislation would inevitably drive up costs to consumers and encourage consumers to use less effective safety equipment.


Combustible marine flares have the highest visibility for use during an emergency. Mandates that significantly increase the cost of emergency safety equipment should be a last resort in addressing the issue of flare disposal. Faced with these increased costs, many boat owners will be forced to turn to alternatives to combustible flares, which are less effective, especially in daytime emergencies.


Across the country, 61% of boat owners have an annual household income of $75,000 or lessThe cost associated with SB 1066 will increase the price of these life-saving flares by 100%, and result in a cost to the state to create and implement a plan at a time when California is already slashing budgets to address a budget deficit.

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