Key Issues



While recreational boat building is a uniquely American made industry – with consumers across the world seeking out our products – marine manufacturers rely on free and fair trade, global supply chains, and a consistent business environment to remain competitive here at home and abroad.

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Recreational Fishing

Recreational fshing is central to recreational boating – more than 70 percent of all boat outings involve fishing. Providing anglers with  responsible access to fisheries is vital to our continued success as an industry.


Recreational boaters and anglers are the nation’s original conservationists and directly support environmental efforts through a voluntary user fee program called the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund.


Outdoor recreation infrastructure is essential to our industry’s success and must be addressed in any comprehensive legislative package. Adequate boat ramps and facilities, properly maintained public lands and waters, and expanded broadband access in outdoor recreation areas will help ensure our industry’s outsized contributions to the U.S. economy continue to grow.